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About Us

DeepCytes is an Award-winning AI-enabled cyber intelligence company focusing on security orchestration to combat cyberbullying, ransomware, and dark web breaches through cutting-edge investigations, training, and products.


6500+ officials

from esteemed Law Enforcement Agencies of India, CBI, CID, EoW, ED, Judiciary, Police, & more, trained on the changing cyber landscape & case-solving strategies.

INR 217 Crores+

recovered, thanks to our cyber-expertise and top-notch investigation skills. The methods used to catch these perpetrators form the foundation of our Courses.

2,36,000 +

Ransomware Attacks handled. Our proactive strategies have ensured robust cybersecurity for businesses & organizations in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Why DeepCytes? We are backed by the following!​​​

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Courses We Offer

Chaitanya Sondur

"I gained immense knowledge of Forensic tools which will help me have an edge over others during my job. Previously, I had only web-based projects. Now I can add cybersecurity related tools and certifications as well. I talked about Deepcytes and the internship during my placement interview. I shared my experience of handling VMs, creating instances, exploring tools, etc. It has helped me to find a job in the same cybersecurity domain."

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+91 93217 86518

HD number 321, Vaswani Chambers, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli Shivaji Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400030

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